Monday, September 1, 2008

Picture Perfection

School is back, which means homework, homecomings, and did I mention yearbook pictures? Some of us dread them, and other are clueless to the basic tips to get your picture at its best. Trust me on this one, flashes from the camera enhance our flaws. That's why it is good to cover up those blemishes, and hide blackheads. I suggest a quick facial mask before the "BIG" day. Another note is to stock up on eye liner and mascara. Not too much on the eyes, but something that makes your eyes pop! Although you don't want to look like a tramp. After shampooing (Nexus Smoothing Creme, to fight frizz), go for a straight look. Curly will show too much of the frizz, and it is sometimes messy. If you do have curly hair, pull out the straightner, and get to it! To keep your smile fresh, and clean try Ultrabrite toothpaste. In a matter of 24 hours your smile should be whiter than usual. Now for lips, try a sweet color for example peach or strawberry. Red often scares people (including me)! And finally, keep your outfit simple. A cool solid color is great, and will never go out of style. Lauren Conrad looks great, and ready for the camera. Good luck, and make your picture perfection!

Heavy Duty

It's time to trade in those gold karat Cartier timepieces, and Timex watches, and get the new futuristic look. Made from Toywatch, this brightly colored and eye catching device is very addictive. My personal favorite color is purple. I tried this watch on at Nordstrom, and just fell in love with it. Not only that, but the reliability is outstanding! Including water resistant to 100 feet, a magnified date window, stainless steel, having a band lenghth of 185 mm, and width of 20 mm, and glow in the dark. Especially with the dark burgundys, and greys, it's time to add some pop to your closet, and wardrobe! I call this watch a "must-have." What you really should look when shopping for jewelry, that it is memorable, and that no one else has. This watch is for sure a time piece to remember!