Friday, October 3, 2008

O.M.G for O.P.I

Major Beauty Alert!  While I was shopping on today, I searched the mall high and low for something to wow all of you.  Done, done, and done.  Sephora has a new product, that is so cool. Not only that, but has stocked up on it with tons of colors!  That's right, it's O.P.I. nail polish.  As you know of course, O.P.I. is one of the best nail polishes out there.  This nail polish is $9, and all though may be pricey for some of you, it's way more worth than Chanel's or Dior's. Unfortunately, I was unable to get myself one (sigh), but here are some of the fall must-have's of their colors.  Starting from the left:  What's a Tire Jack?, Opening Night, Caffeine Fix, Brunette on the Internet,  Run With It! 
What's a Tire Jack?Opening NightCaffeine FixBrunette on the InternetRun With It!