Sunday, August 2, 2009

New York Heroine

Although Blair Waldorf maybe Leighton Meester's character on Gossip Girl (which returns this fall for Season 3) they couldn't be more different. While the prep schooler grew up on the Upper East Side, Leighton wasn't the same. Growing up wasn't easy, Leighton was the prissy snob we watch on our flat screens. "I was picked on because I was a four-eyes and a dork. We didn't have a ton of money so I couldn't say, 'Mom, I need to have these crazy expensive jeans.'" Leighton quoted. "I had long tangled hair and wore hemp necklaces, baggy T-shirts and not-so-cute jeans. I mean, for crying out loud, we were just going to throw on gym clothes and run around the track! I've grown up as far as the fashion world goes, but I still identify with the high school me." After everything she was put through we still haven't been happier for her. What we love about our "Blair" is that she is beautiful inside and out. Although with her parents having criminal pasts, we still respect for who she is. Did we also mention that Leighton is in the process of releasing her very own album! Time to add that to your iTunes wishlist. Overall, Leighton our It Girl this week, and remember to keep checking in on the blog Glambition.

*Although costume designer, Eric Damon, from Gossip Girl dresses the girls like they walked off the runway, does Leighton know how to dress herself? With that photo above, does she look cheap or chic?