Monday, February 16, 2009

More than You Bargained For

So, what’s so interesting about the “chance in a lifetime” sample sales? Well nothing, nothing meaning all you expect is nothing to be wrong. It’s like when you buy a diet coke. They say it’s diet, but do you really loose weight? Retailers expect you to think there’s nothing wrong with a piece of fabric such as a cashmere coat. Pink, toggle, pearl white buttons, everything you ever wanted, right? Why not invest in a magnifying glass. The tag’s says 95% acrylic and 5% cotton? Cashmere, I think not. Here’s some tips to find what you need to remember when shopping the cheap items.

Guidelines to finding a F-A-K-E...

Tip 1: Check the tags. Is it really what they say it is. No more time to get ripped off!

Tip 2: Ask a clerk or employee. Yes, they can be truthful, and helpful. They’re there to help you, not some trickster off the streets. Don’t worry, after they were interviewed for the job.

Tip 3: Ask yourself, does it feel real? For example if they say it’s a coke can, does it feel like aluminum? Be sure it’s what you expect, and no worries for anything else!

Good luck glamazons out there, and remember, bargains are sometimes not always what they seem to be.

*Be sure to check those prices (see photo)