Sunday, October 5, 2008

You Are So Lucky

Why is that so many average women have trouble picking their own personal style.  Everything has a label, and if it didn't, how would we live in this 3-D world?  My guess, it that they take no time to think about how to conquer fashion.  Style is one of those things that is yours.  No one can take it from you, even if why are people judge.  So why am I bringing this up do you ask?  I'm taking the time let you know all these questions of yours (and mine) will be solved.  Welcome to The Lucky Guide:  Mastering Any Style.  Everything from the punk rocker, american classic, and my favorite euro chic.  This is another well-written and helpful book from the authors of the best selling book Lucky Shopping Manual Kim France and Andrea Linett.  In the book, you'll learn how to conquer each style, but make it personal, and you!  It also includes their number one picks for best stores and websites of each style, our favorite celebs who pulled what style off, and just fabulous tips that will encourage you so much to pursue a style.  Already, so many people are on the waiting list for this guide, and of course I am waiting just like the rest of them.  The guide hit the stores and websites on October 7.  Check out now to pre-order your shipment of the memorable guide to mastering any style.  

*These are various covers of The Lucky Guide:  To Mastering Any Style