Monday, April 13, 2009

Ombre Obsessed!

    Dear Diary,
What's better than a lazy Sunday? You grab a cappuccino from Starbucks, read the paper in bed, and watch reruns of Lipstick Jungle. Well I don't do "lazy" Sundays. Why waste all the time, when you could be scouting the scene for new trends! Who ever thought white became the new black, and black had become that disgusting piece of garbage you just want to give to Good Will. Or maybe you found this new acrylic Toywatch timepiece, but soon after 5 seconds it's reported on the Fashion Network that gold mixed with silver watches are suddenly in. So what's the point of this? It means that trends are moving faster than lightening, or even sample sales if we think about it. The more we wait, the less time we'll be aware of what is going on. That's how quickly things are changing, and that's means the faster we think, and smarter we'll be.

          Chloe's Tip #1: Keep up With Trends, Good or Bad. Fashion is moving just as fast as us.

Word is Ombre. Spelled O-M-B-R-E. Origin is French. Defined as a fabric having a dyed, printed or woven design in which the color is graduated from light to dark.
That was special thanks to my Dictionary on my Mac Computer. Anyway, ombre has been seen on all the spring/summer runways of '09, and let me say I'm pretty excited! I mean letting shades slowly morph into new colors are ah-mazing! It's like having a the whole rainbow at your fingertips. And think about the endless possibilities of combinations! It's so heaven on earth for me, what about you?

XOXO Glamazons!