Friday, September 5, 2008

Constance Billard's Guide to Style

"A lot of us try to bend the rules when it comes to our uniforms," quotes Charlotte, 17 (see Teen Vogue Dec./Jan. '08). In the article Uptown Girls girls speak out, and tell readers that the fashions you see on Gossip Girl are definitely not realistic. Of course, that does not mean we can still wear something like it. This fall a huge trend is the preppy collegiate look. Blair seems to know how it works, but what really does happen to all those private school A-Listers? I love Gossip Girl, and I have to say the character wardrobes make you want to step right into their shoes. So what are these preppy essentials?

Prep Essential #1: The Snug Blazer. They are huge this season, and make such a fashion statement. What really great if it has a crest, which gives it that really cool prep feel. Black, brown, ivory, or navy is the perfect color for a blazer. It's memorable, yet fashionable.

Prep Essential #2: The Plaid Skirt. A hard search, but is a must-have in everyone's closet. Not only that but is great, and goes with practically anything. Serena van dor Woodsen shows it off great on GG, and we hope to see this cute pattern on the runways-wait it is already! Check out for this one of kind necessity.

Prep Essential #3: Cozy Cashmere V-Necks. Will keep you warm this whole winter! They are great for a quick rush in the morning, and give a great pop of color to your wardrobe. I have stocked up on tons already, and hope to buy more as times to come. I went to and got mine from there.

Prep Essential #4: The Rugby Scarf. This is one of my favorite accessories, and probably the most fun to play around in. I love all the different ways you can tie it. It's something also that special touch of color. has the best prices. They are only $5.00!

Prep Essential #5: The Knit Beret. You can say as much as you want that it is not preppy, but it is. It gives any outfit something very cute to pull it altogether. White is the best, but I also love grey and pink. Check out and remember to pick a color that flatters you face!

*Our Prep School Gossip Girls pull the look off!