Sunday, May 2, 2010

I'm sorry.
that i have not written in 8 months. I am sorry I haven't updated anybody about anything. And I probably right now don't have any readers reading this post. They probably figured this blog went into hibernation. Well i mean i guess it did in actuality. So i guess I'll re-introduce myself.

Hi, I'm Chloe and I am writing a blog. Short, sweet, and to the point.

Nah not really, but I guess you'll get to know me more as time goes on. Anyways I guess I should say why I started this blog, and why it just stopped out of no where. Well the fact is I started this blog when I was twelve. Yup, twelve. I got inspired by reading so many others and connecting with so many people through their blogs, I thought I should just start writing my own. This is was going to be easy write?

I was wrong.

The fact is, a blog is something you have to put effort into and man did I practically put my life into this blog. The posts were like trying to learn how to ride a bicycle. It took time and lots of practice. I was also writing my own 50 page (and still not done) story which had me up at night, and also I had school. But luckily this blog was like my savior, it was a way for me to simply express myself, and not caring whoever read it.

So I stopped writing cause I simply could not... well I mean, uhh. Ok I had writer's block.

It was a year that it had stopped and I wasn't the same girl I was a year ago (now two years.) It did bug me for a while that I could not write a post that I simply found, useful. But I'm back and ready to share my tips with you (if I have any). But I do, plenty. So tuned and check back soon to see a new post. I'll do my best to write as much as a I can, but don't be surprised if I hadn't written one in a month or two :D

Status: Getting ready for bed, just watched Julie and Julia (third time). Nighty, night <3