Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Power of the Ruffles

Here's our look of the week, you recognize the look?  The striking red dress,  belt cinched at the waist, and adorable sandals?  What's your guess?  Leave a reply, on who you think the designer is, and I'll pick the winner next week!  Good luck glamazons :-)

Got the Holiday Spirit?

Dear Reader(s),
   After not posting anything for about a month, I've decided to yet again continue this fashion blog.  With everything going on, I can't bare for all of you waiting around to find out what will I right about next.  Feel free to leave a comment of your concern, or a suggestion.  With the holidays coming up for all of you, December will be a year full of gifts for this season.  So of my many exciting gifts that I have in store for you are snowboards, broadway tickets, the metallic skirts, and so on.  I regret it all, but please read my blog more!  Thanks for all supportive and understanding.  You truly make me feel great after reading all of your comments!