Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Birdy Told Me...

American Eagle has already been spread across the nation, and is so popular.  But did anyone ever think about them thinking to design for kids?  Even I was surprised too.  Just released a couple months ago, 77kids is a new online brand by AE, and is planning to have stores open for the brand by next year or two.  It's specific for the sizes 6-12 for big kids and sizes 2-5 for toddlers.  Although, the sizes are designed for 7 year olds and ten year olds, the clothes are too cute for words.  What's better to give a little girl a little sweater just for her?  Just like American Eagle, 77kids also comes with accessories such as hats, jewelry, tights, and footwear too.  Check out for even more news about them, and different styles of clothing.
Recommended for:  Nieces, Little Cousins, Kids You Babysit 

*Jonas Brothers perform a Concert for the Launch of 77kids.