Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How grungy with a side of sweetness

Fall and Winter fashions have all very different interpretations from all very different people. Some may say it's all about the "prep" look. Some may say, it's totally just "layers" this season and what not. To me, it's all about grunge. Though grunge also can be sweet. For example, having shredded jeans with a plaid shirt, but add maybe a pastel light pink knit beret. Look at Demi Lovato she makes the grungy motorcycle style feel less mannish by combining it with a floral frock. So why am I telling you this? Because from what I can tell from all the latest magazines, grungy is a word we're going to be saying a lot this season. My grunge essentials are:
  1. LEATHER JACKET: Is always a must. Anyone without one, I feel sorry for them. You can pretty much find one anywhere. I recommend
  2. DESTROYED JEANS: Gives the grunge feel a "rocker's edge." Again, found pretty much anywhere they sell jeans. Check out for some great finds.
  3. PLAID SHIRTS: I'm mad for plaid. Plaid is a classic so there should be no reason why you don't have it in your closet already. If you don't check for some chic but cheap shirts.
Here are my go to tips:

How to...

Tip 1: Pops of patterns and color make the outfit more flirty and girly to a grunge look.

Tip 2: Add a simple classic piece to a the look like a white oxford shirt or even a neutral pretty lacy camisole or tank. It gives a simple sleek look.

Tip 3: One of my favorites is having colorful printed maxi dress with the whole grunge look. With its longness, it adds an elegance to the whole outfit!

Tip 4: Don't forget about jewelry. Some long pearls are absolutely acceptable. If they're long enough you could even do a little knot in the front.

Tip 5: Finally a scarf makes the grunge feel not so harsh. Right now there's neon square Marc Jacobs' scarves that will make the whole look fun.

Oh and don't forget to even make your own tips! Creativity is the key, and I hope for you to check back in later for more Glambition articles!