Monday, December 29, 2008

A Look Back at 2008...

Hey readers! Did you actually think I was done already with Glambition? Wrong. This year has been one of my favorites, what about yours? So what are some of my favorite fashion topics from 2008? Who could count all of them. What I'm really looking forward is what's in store for us next year! So what are these ah-mazing pictures you must see? Well...

Behind the Scenes at Alexander Wang: Chaos much? This is from his Fall/Winter Show!

Detailed at Diane von Furstenburg: Love, love love! This print is total vintage, but made the outfit super chic! This was during the Fall/Winter '08 Show (one of my personal favorites!)

Who could forget Rachel Zoe making a comeback with her show on Bravo? Remember, Brad the new guy, and Taylor (Rachel's "Rock"?). So many funny moments I just had to laugh at.

Did not know yet? Thakoon is designing great dresses from dresses to cardigans! There are so many great prints that need to be worn. Check out to see the fashions!

That's some of my faves this year, and recently too. Remember to check once in a while to see if I made an update! Thanks glamazons. Au revoir!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Birdy Told Me...

American Eagle has already been spread across the nation, and is so popular.  But did anyone ever think about them thinking to design for kids?  Even I was surprised too.  Just released a couple months ago, 77kids is a new online brand by AE, and is planning to have stores open for the brand by next year or two.  It's specific for the sizes 6-12 for big kids and sizes 2-5 for toddlers.  Although, the sizes are designed for 7 year olds and ten year olds, the clothes are too cute for words.  What's better to give a little girl a little sweater just for her?  Just like American Eagle, 77kids also comes with accessories such as hats, jewelry, tights, and footwear too.  Check out for even more news about them, and different styles of clothing.
Recommended for:  Nieces, Little Cousins, Kids You Babysit 

*Jonas Brothers perform a Concert for the Launch of 77kids.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Steals and Deals: Tag All the Sales!!!

Are you an early bird for the shopping?  Congrats, you're in the right place!  At exactly 4:00 a.m., stores had opened, and items have been thrown around more like toys than presents.  Websites had made their updates, and put sales up and going.  If you play your cards right, you'll have all your wishes this holiday season.  For today and tomorrow, I'll be letting you know what sales, deals, and steals will be happening frequently!  Be sure to check back several times today to see if I added anything!  So what are some famous stores with steals and deals?


I Caught a Bluefly...
  For this week, (my favorite) website Bluefly will be hosting a shopping sale extravagant!  Each day of this week, they will be having a sale on a different items each day! From shoes, handbags, coats, you name it!  What's better than that?  Save up to 60% off your favorite things!

Bookworm Much...
  Got any overachievers?  How 'bout a book?  Yes, everyone reads them, don't deny it!  What are some holiday gifts you should get?  Well there's the new book "One Fifth Avenue" from the author who wrote Sex & the City.  "Twilight" which is about finding true love in the most unexpected places.  Or what about "The Secret Scripture" by Sebastain Barry?  Not to forget also there is the classic "The Tale of Despereaux" for the kiddies which will soon hit the big screen on Christmas Day?

Gotta M.A.C. It...
  With the great ideas and deals there having, no way could you pass an offer like this!   This season make-up is a must have for any woman.  From lipstick, concealer, blush, etc.  I had recently seen the Holiday Collections, and they are full of great new cosmetics!  Probably my favorite is the "Kids Helping Kids" which is where kids with HIV/AIDS got to create some amazing gifts!  Remember, the items that were made by them is only in stores for a limited time, but check out to see what all the fuss is about!

Sweet Thangs...
  Crate & Barrel is probably the store that always makes my heart just soar!  Every year, they go all out, and decorate it with such fun new things each year that your eyes will draw to.  From ornaments, pots, pans, cookbooks, furniture, you name it!  My personal favorites are the Swedish Ginger Cookies, Reindeer Stockings, Snowflake Trivet, and don't forget to wrap your gifts in Whimsical Wrapping Paper!  Be sure to go to see all the items for this holiday season!

*Many wishes, and be sure to check back frequently!  And sorry about no pictures! 

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Apple has unleashed the ultimate mini MP3 player this holiday season, and it's only 6.2 mm thin. With a crystal clear glass screen, the variety of colors, and amazing new features, the gadget is a must have!  Not only that but holds up to as many songs as you want just starting at $149.  Have you noticed that the colors can match all your outfits?  Check out Blake Lively and the purple iPod!  The selection of great colors fits your lifestyle, and is great to take with you everywhere.  Here's a gift that will make anyone happy!  Check out for more info.  Happy Holidays!  Recommended for:  Parents, Close Friends, Music Geeks :-)
*What's your favorite color???

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Power of the Ruffles

Here's our look of the week, you recognize the look?  The striking red dress,  belt cinched at the waist, and adorable sandals?  What's your guess?  Leave a reply, on who you think the designer is, and I'll pick the winner next week!  Good luck glamazons :-)

Got the Holiday Spirit?

Dear Reader(s),
   After not posting anything for about a month, I've decided to yet again continue this fashion blog.  With everything going on, I can't bare for all of you waiting around to find out what will I right about next.  Feel free to leave a comment of your concern, or a suggestion.  With the holidays coming up for all of you, December will be a year full of gifts for this season.  So of my many exciting gifts that I have in store for you are snowboards, broadway tickets, the metallic skirts, and so on.  I regret it all, but please read my blog more!  Thanks for all supportive and understanding.  You truly make me feel great after reading all of your comments!


Sunday, October 26, 2008

How to...own the riding boots look

These shoes are no longer just an essential for a horseback rider, it's now making a huge statement in the fashion industry.  Already, unlikely stars such as Kirsten Dunst, Lindsey Lohan, Jessica Alba, and Rachel Bilson had grown a like to the trend.  My favorite one's are RL (see picture).  The classic look is an essential for anyone's wardrobe, but is not always easy to make this look chic.  Here are top five tips to help you with the riding boots situation.  Overall, anyone can wear them, but the new sensations don't come cheap.

How to...

Tip 1:  Tucking them into some dark rinse jeans, leggings, or pairing them with a nice skirt is great!  Be sure to listen to your instincts, and pick the right color for your boots.  Be sure to let them show at all costs.

Tip 2:  Make an classic look pairing with a crisp white oxford shirt, over a nice blazer (Search "Constance Billard's Guide to Style").  It makes the entire look clean, but still give an outfit with a little edge if you add a urban scarf.

Tip 3:  Keep you coats above the knee, maybe even to your thighs.  It hiding the look, it'll make the outfit a mess.  You won't be able to them, and it'll make you look shorter.  A nice fur trimmed hooded parka is perfect!

Tip 4:  Long and lean.  Another little secret is that it makes you look taller.  It really shows off your legs, and provides a flirty look for anyone.

Tip 5:  Brands are not always true as they say they are.  Be careful you are making the right decision when picking your boots.  Overpriced is not always the way to go, but underpriced may be as well too cheap.  Just be warned that you have to be sure that these will last you forever.  I can say that the look may not be in style for a long period of time, but trends comes back into fashion eventually :-).  

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Blake Also Rises

With her trademark long blonde hair, and how tall she is, Blake is so recognizable in a second! Not only that, but stars on the hit teen series "Gossip Girl" who she plays the It girl Serena van der Woodsen. Already with 3 wins, and 1 nomination, big things are soon to come from this rising actress. So you think she had it all right? Dead, wrong. Lively had gone through some tough times during high school while she was filming the movie "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants." She quotes, "In High School, there are so many cliques. You're never safe. In between my junior and senior years, I went away to film Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and I came back ready to do things with my friends that we always did, but things change. People get older, and there are some inside jokes that you don't know about that have happened. You feel lost for a while, and it's hard to come back from that. Then the friends who have 'replaced' you are territorial. I've experienced that a little bit. There are catty, insecure, and gossipy girls everywhere, but for me, I don't think it's a matter of any of them being genuinely bad at heart. I just think maybe the different ways in which people are raised make them different and insecure. They point out the bad things in others just to make themselves feel better. It's everywhere." Look where she's come from? Being a strong woman she is now, we can all look up to her like that. Being proud of who she is, and confident enough Blake will always have a smile on her lips! She's not just another actress, she knows the whole feeling about cliques and high school. And the quote pretty much sums it all up. In the picture, Blake is photographed in just a simple white shirt paired with some black pants and great printed heels. With her personality shining through, she still looks like a goddess! Do you think her outfit is cheap or chic?

Monday, October 20, 2008

No More Ask Jeeves...

Ready for your fashion and beauty crises to be answered?  It's extremely easy now!  With one click of your button, click style.  Provided by Style Network, you get every other day of the week a new question answered by the "Style Spy."  It's just like that!  Another fun little cool gadget to have on your Mac (if you have one), there's a cool widget called Ask Style.  It's free, and so helpful!  I use on my computer everyday!  Just click Ask Style and you'll be at your upload page!  Good Luck all fashion glamazons!

*Here's your lucky preview of the widget!

Friday, October 17, 2008

A Girl Like Her

From a the an action-packed book series, I had gotten an exclusive interview with our very own Lisa Barham writer of The Fashion Forward Adventures of Imogene which is by far one of my favorite series!  On the right is a picture of her new novel!  Fashion has a huge impact on the book, and so does Lisa's life.  Here's the amazing interview.  And feel free to post a comment on who you want me interview.  Here it is:

Q:  How did you get your first job in fashion?

A:  I went to F.I.T. (Fashion Institute of Technology) in NYC.  They have an amazing placement office, and often get first dibs on fashion industry job openings.  While still in school, I consulted with the placement office after school and weekend jobs (anything to break into the fashion business).  I was frequently a dresser at designer shows, an intern at some of NYC's biggest dept. stores, and in a few 7th Avenue showrooms.  Not long after I graduated [and] I took a job at a Fashion Forecasting Service.  The rest is history.

Q:  How would you describe your personal style?

A:  Personal Style.  For one thing, I am a pack rat--I have a slew of Manolo Blahnik shoes that are anywhere between five and fifteen years old, vintage Levis, some great designer pieces, faux Lacroix jewelry, etc.  I don't buy a lot of clothes.  But I do love special pieces.  I'd never want to go out looking as it I was styled.  I think it's very important to be yourself, and let your style develop over time.

Q:  What stores and websites do you love to shop?

A:  I don't shop very much, but when I do, I'm at Jeffrey, in NYC--one of my fave shops.  I also like discovering little, out of the way shops, that not everyone knows about I also love to swap things with my friends.  That's a blast!

Q:  What fall trend are loving?

A:  I am loving the black lace trend for the day I see cropping up.  It looks like 1950's cocktail evening--but for the day!

Q:  Where did you get inspiration for your book series?

A:  The inspiration really came largely from my experience working for a fashion forecasting company and then later, in the entertainment business.  When you live and work in a big city, in the fashion industry and the entertainment industry, you do come across more than a few interesting people and situations.  Some of that clearly left a lasting impression, so I guess you could say that I had a bit of real life inspiration.

Q:  Any obsessions lately?

A:  Obsessions?  Moi?  OMG, dear heart don't get me started.  I'm obsessssssssssssed with fashion!  Designers, clothes, accessories.  The list is endless.  Though, now that fashion week is over, my heart stop beating so fast.  I'm kidding (er, mostly).

Last Questions (sigh). 
Q:  What is your #1 tip for girls and women out there?

A:  I think I'd go back to answer number 2.  Relax.  Just be yourself.  Don't try to be someone you're not.  Find out who you really are and be true to that, and be proud of who you are.

Fashion-forwardly yours,


Sunday, October 12, 2008

What I Spied With My Little Eye

I had my take on the Spring fashion shows, and would like to give you a little tip on what's hot next spring.  Already, the whole southern belle look is a given for me, and I am stocking up from the latest cowboy boots, hats, wide leg jeans, and much more!  This week, each day, I'll report our designer of the day!  Hermes is our lucky winner!!!  Congrats to an awesome collection!  And yes, it's so chic, you just can't get enough of it!  The collection is all inspired from jet-setter style, to classic rodeo it was full of endless possibilities.  Immensely, it made a huge statement in the fashion industry.  I saw this was an irreplaceable collection, and wouldn't change a thing.  So what is next for Hermes?  It's too late to tell, but good things will come all.

*The favorite looks of Hermes' Spring '09

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Compulsive Shopper Much?

Based the best-selling novels by Sophie Kinsella, now Confessions of a Shopaholic is now a post production.  Rebecca Bloomwood is an over obsessed and compulsive shopper who lives for fashion.  She has it all, until she runs into a wall.  Suddenly her credit card gets declined, and is now in search of a job.  When a posistion opens at a savings magazine, things seem to look up, but not for long.  Starring Isla Fisher (Definitely, Maybe) comes a story about finding yourself.  The movie touches everyone's heart.  Opens in theaters in February of 2009.

*For All Fans of The Devil Wears Prada, and the famous Shopaholic series! 

Sunday, October 5, 2008

You Are So Lucky

Why is that so many average women have trouble picking their own personal style.  Everything has a label, and if it didn't, how would we live in this 3-D world?  My guess, it that they take no time to think about how to conquer fashion.  Style is one of those things that is yours.  No one can take it from you, even if why are people judge.  So why am I bringing this up do you ask?  I'm taking the time let you know all these questions of yours (and mine) will be solved.  Welcome to The Lucky Guide:  Mastering Any Style.  Everything from the punk rocker, american classic, and my favorite euro chic.  This is another well-written and helpful book from the authors of the best selling book Lucky Shopping Manual Kim France and Andrea Linett.  In the book, you'll learn how to conquer each style, but make it personal, and you!  It also includes their number one picks for best stores and websites of each style, our favorite celebs who pulled what style off, and just fabulous tips that will encourage you so much to pursue a style.  Already, so many people are on the waiting list for this guide, and of course I am waiting just like the rest of them.  The guide hit the stores and websites on October 7.  Check out now to pre-order your shipment of the memorable guide to mastering any style.  

*These are various covers of The Lucky Guide:  To Mastering Any Style

Friday, October 3, 2008

O.M.G for O.P.I

Major Beauty Alert!  While I was shopping on today, I searched the mall high and low for something to wow all of you.  Done, done, and done.  Sephora has a new product, that is so cool. Not only that, but has stocked up on it with tons of colors!  That's right, it's O.P.I. nail polish.  As you know of course, O.P.I. is one of the best nail polishes out there.  This nail polish is $9, and all though may be pricey for some of you, it's way more worth than Chanel's or Dior's. Unfortunately, I was unable to get myself one (sigh), but here are some of the fall must-have's of their colors.  Starting from the left:  What's a Tire Jack?, Opening Night, Caffeine Fix, Brunette on the Internet,  Run With It! 
What's a Tire Jack?Opening NightCaffeine FixBrunette on the InternetRun With It!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Sew Chic, and Famous

While I was attending the recent annual Kent State Fashion Show, I met fashion designer Tad Boetcher, who is a genius in fashion.  From the tailing, to the designs, he is amazing!  He worked for designers and brands such as Michael Kors, Billy by Bill Bass, Ellen Tracy, Magaschoni, and Dana Buchman.  While I was there, there was a interview for him.  You ready?

Q:  Tell us about your Job.
A:  As design director, I pick all the colors, prints, and trend direction and then oversee the design team to make sure the vision is consistent.

Q:  You have an unusual work week, can you elaborate?
A:  Everyday in the fashion industry is a bit hectic, but I have an unusual schedule that works with my creative needs.  I work three days a week and I stay in Manhattan those days.  Then on my days off I have a weekend home in Woodstock, New York.  That's where I have my design studio set-up.

Q:  What was your favorite memory at Kent State?
A:  My favorite memory was my senior show; I won the most photogenic collection award-the first year that award was given.  Also I was "the Artist in Residence" at Verder Hall my senior year, and I really enjoyed that.

Tad Boetcher will launch his collection in Spring '09.  Will be retailed at nationwide Dillard's and Lord & Taylor stores!  Wish you luck Tad!

*Check out more amazing articles below!"

Saturday, September 20, 2008

How to...pull off the cowlneck sweater

In some recent GAP ads, you've seen many celebs looking more fabulous than ever.  I was at the mall one day thinking, why can't everyone look like that?  Answer:  they can.  My fingers ran across tons of fabrics searching for the perfect "It" item for any women. Suddenly I found it.  It was the Cowlneck Sweater I had seen on the model Maryna Linchuck.  This fall/winter, I know for sure it would be huge.  The great rugby stripes makes it super cute, and the tailored short-sleeves are to die for.  On the street, Rebecca Romijin had been spotted promoting this one of a kind look.  Click I WANT TO SEE  now.  Back to this trend-setting item, everyone woman needs this item.  And now for my Top Five Tips. You ready?  Then go!

Tip 1:  Layering is great with this "It" item.  Try a wool blazer over it or double-breasted coat. It gives you that warm feel to the look.

Tip 2:  Add some color!  Some nice plain pastel colored tees are perfect with this sweater.  Also some jewel accessories will make a great statement.  Be bold!

Tip 3:  Wear it everywhere!  Not kidding, this is a perfect piece to use all the time (but of course not everyday).  Work, school, whatever!  This is a pure classic!

Tip 4:  To make this outfit laid back, add some wide legged pants or flare dark denim jeans.  A bell skirt would also make this outfit comfortable, and casual.

Tip 5:  Show some spirit!  Not the cheer kind, but the smile kind.  The way to make everyone envy you is that you love what you're wearing.  So it may be different from other stuff people wear, so what!  This is all about you making your very own statement.  Show off your new look, and get ready for everyone to be green with envy.

More "How to..."s coming really soon.  And remember to check out Glambition!       

Labels for Love

Jones New York has started a new non=profit organization called, Jones New York In The Classroom.  This is an organization that supports the teachers who educate the heart and soul of children everywhere.  Cheryl Hines is supporting this great organization by purchasing her very own limited edition JNY tee shirt designed exclusively by Sujean Rim who has illustrated for the Daily Candy, The Fashion Forward Adventures of Imogene Series, and Target.  You can purchase yours a Macy's stores nationwide. Hurry, to get your soon, and support teachers everywhere!  Check it out at 

Friday, September 19, 2008

Quite a Charmer

On my regular shopping day, I scouted the streets high and low, until I was charmed by this adorable, unique, colorful, eye-catching piece of jewelery. One word to describe it? "It." Not the kind of ick or crazy, but the happy. I know this may sound weird, but the moment I saw it, my feet just sprung with happiness. I found this bracelet at the store Anthropologie. The Lucky Meld Bracelet (that's what it's called) is totally versatile type of piece, and although not as practical as the Toywatch I featured, is so super cute. Handmade in the USA, has a lobster clasp, contains accents of color, and is 7.5"L". You may probably think, do I really need this? I would say yes! I have said this may times, but this bracelet is memorable. This bracelet is so geometric, and very different than many other pieces I've seen.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Little Miss Sunshine

Are you a fan of "The Clique"? Then you are so in luck. Our very own Bridgit Mendler a.k.a. Kristen Gregory got an interview for Glambition about her style, and a little about her upcoming movie! Excited or what? Here is the interview I had with her. Enjoy!

Q: What would you say is your personal style? Is it kind of like Kristen's?
A: My personal style is a little more casual than Kristen's, because Kristen has a fairly high fashion style in the movie. My personal style i don't think really has a label. I like casual but chic. I like skinny jeans, boots, vests, scarves, and jewelry. Finding the right combinations of those items and others is really fun, although just hanging around in sweatpants and a t-shirt is great.

Q: What stores do you love shopping at?
A: I love stores like Urban Outfitters and Lucky.

Q: Do you have a fave celeb alpha you look up to?
A: I really look up to celebrities who are in acting not to be famous, but because they love their craft like Ellen Page. I also like funny actors like Will Ferrel and Sarah Silverman.

Q: What make-up can you not live without?
A: I really love chapstick. That would probably be my favorite make-up.

Q: Who are your favorite designers?
A: I really like Gucci's style this season along with Burberry's accessories. I love their rocker style, I just have to find a way to pull it off.

Q: What was your favorite experience of being part of "The Clique Movie"?
A: My favorite experience as a part of the Clique Movie is hard to choose because the whole time I've just had so much fun! I loved the day that Tyra Banks came to set, it was really cool to meet her, I also liked goofing off with all the girls on and off set, running around like crazy in the hotel, and some of the scenes we shot like one where he had to jump into the pool were really fun.

Q: What was your favorite piece of clothing you got to wear on the set of "The Clique"? Did you keep any of the clothes?
A: I really liked this outfit that was a dark blue Diane Von Furstenburg jacket with black high heeled boots and a headband.

Last Question (sigh): What is your #1 fashion tip for girls out there?
A: I know this sounds cheesy, but the number one fashion tip for girls would be confidence. You can rock any outfit so long as you aren't worrying about what other people think about it. Besides that, I think learning how to match by not matching all the time (if that makes any sense) can add a lot of character to style.
Best Wishes,Bridgit Mendler

She Conquered in Style

Shirely McClaine is Coco Chanel. As you all know, Coco was the one invented Chanel No. 5, the Little Black Dress, but most of all changed the way women dressed today. If it wasn't for her, we probably wouldn't even be wearing our favorite pair of pants let alone showing any of our legs. This movie is a Lifetime Movie event (
I just watched this movie, and gives it 4/5. It was very dramatic, and so inspirational to me. I think everyone will get a message out of this movie. You can catch the movie later tonight at 7:00 P.M. Tell me what you think of the movie!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Other Lanvin Girl

She is a officially one of my favorite Hollywood actresses, and fashion icons. She has starred in several movies such as Where the Heart Is, Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium, and finally my personal favorite The Other Boleyn Girl. Several girls at my school call her their role model. "She's a great actress," quotes Taylor. "Not only that, but seems to come off so caring and warm."
For the December/January Issue of Teen Vogue. Portman quoted she hearts Lavin. If you haven't noticed, on the red carpet, she's always pulling off a Lavin Frock. She was recently spotted in a white one at . She was also seen on the addicting Bravo's Project Runway as one of the judges for a challenge. Do you have a favorite role model? Tell me, and I'll post it at the end of September! Natalie Portman is a legend, and it's going to stay that way. Is her outfit cheap or chic?

Saturday, September 6, 2008

iAsk Chloe

Dear Fashion Addicts,
August over, leaves are changing, new accessories for the fall/winter, and a lot more questions. I just want to clarify for all of you that, I want to thank all of you for giving me feed back on my fashion blog. It really means a lot to me. I never knew this many people love the great topics I post. Anyways, I will be giving a monthly note to all of you, and giving you my feedback to all my comments. Oops, I almost forgot, I want you to post your fashion questions for me or fashion tips. I would love to help you as much as I can. Just post you question, and I for my next topic, I will answer all your questions. Thanks again for being great readers/subscribers!


Friday, September 5, 2008

Constance Billard's Guide to Style

"A lot of us try to bend the rules when it comes to our uniforms," quotes Charlotte, 17 (see Teen Vogue Dec./Jan. '08). In the article Uptown Girls girls speak out, and tell readers that the fashions you see on Gossip Girl are definitely not realistic. Of course, that does not mean we can still wear something like it. This fall a huge trend is the preppy collegiate look. Blair seems to know how it works, but what really does happen to all those private school A-Listers? I love Gossip Girl, and I have to say the character wardrobes make you want to step right into their shoes. So what are these preppy essentials?

Prep Essential #1: The Snug Blazer. They are huge this season, and make such a fashion statement. What really great if it has a crest, which gives it that really cool prep feel. Black, brown, ivory, or navy is the perfect color for a blazer. It's memorable, yet fashionable.

Prep Essential #2: The Plaid Skirt. A hard search, but is a must-have in everyone's closet. Not only that but is great, and goes with practically anything. Serena van dor Woodsen shows it off great on GG, and we hope to see this cute pattern on the runways-wait it is already! Check out for this one of kind necessity.

Prep Essential #3: Cozy Cashmere V-Necks. Will keep you warm this whole winter! They are great for a quick rush in the morning, and give a great pop of color to your wardrobe. I have stocked up on tons already, and hope to buy more as times to come. I went to and got mine from there.

Prep Essential #4: The Rugby Scarf. This is one of my favorite accessories, and probably the most fun to play around in. I love all the different ways you can tie it. It's something also that special touch of color. has the best prices. They are only $5.00!

Prep Essential #5: The Knit Beret. You can say as much as you want that it is not preppy, but it is. It gives any outfit something very cute to pull it altogether. White is the best, but I also love grey and pink. Check out and remember to pick a color that flatters you face!

*Our Prep School Gossip Girls pull the look off!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Teacher's Pet

You have all those books that you carry from class to class. Everyone once in a while you forget a textbook or your homework. And yet you still look like a perfect angel? I don't think so! You need at "It" bag. No not an average tote bag, but a bag. The bag all your friends envy, the bag that holds everything you need, the bag that will make you at the top of your class. My favorite bag is the Mulberry Maggie. Not only does it carry a heavy load, but makes your life so easier. Instead of stopping at your locker, carry all your books around at the same time. In this fancy handicap, their is one main large compartment which is pretty much all you need. Not only that, but comes in such memorable colors. "A big, good-looking, practical bag is the holy grail," quotes fashion designer Melissa Coker (see in Lucky August '08). "The color makes this one special." If you have some extra cash, stock up on this great accesible tote. I recommend this to anyone who needs something to carry all your things. If you don't have the money check out Target, or Steve & Barry's (all clothes and accessories are under $10.00)! Get your "It" bag now!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Picture Perfection

School is back, which means homework, homecomings, and did I mention yearbook pictures? Some of us dread them, and other are clueless to the basic tips to get your picture at its best. Trust me on this one, flashes from the camera enhance our flaws. That's why it is good to cover up those blemishes, and hide blackheads. I suggest a quick facial mask before the "BIG" day. Another note is to stock up on eye liner and mascara. Not too much on the eyes, but something that makes your eyes pop! Although you don't want to look like a tramp. After shampooing (Nexus Smoothing Creme, to fight frizz), go for a straight look. Curly will show too much of the frizz, and it is sometimes messy. If you do have curly hair, pull out the straightner, and get to it! To keep your smile fresh, and clean try Ultrabrite toothpaste. In a matter of 24 hours your smile should be whiter than usual. Now for lips, try a sweet color for example peach or strawberry. Red often scares people (including me)! And finally, keep your outfit simple. A cool solid color is great, and will never go out of style. Lauren Conrad looks great, and ready for the camera. Good luck, and make your picture perfection!

Heavy Duty

It's time to trade in those gold karat Cartier timepieces, and Timex watches, and get the new futuristic look. Made from Toywatch, this brightly colored and eye catching device is very addictive. My personal favorite color is purple. I tried this watch on at Nordstrom, and just fell in love with it. Not only that, but the reliability is outstanding! Including water resistant to 100 feet, a magnified date window, stainless steel, having a band lenghth of 185 mm, and width of 20 mm, and glow in the dark. Especially with the dark burgundys, and greys, it's time to add some pop to your closet, and wardrobe! I call this watch a "must-have." What you really should look when shopping for jewelry, that it is memorable, and that no one else has. This watch is for sure a time piece to remember!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Our Not so Ugly Betty

America Ferrera otherwise known as from the 2 Golden Globe, 32 wins, and 16 nominations show Ugly Betty, has taken her style up ten notches. She is truly a fashion icon, and an amazing talented accomplished actress. She has had several quotes such as, "I think Hispanic women are beautiful with their curves. I'm not sure who feels that way in Hollywood. I was never told to lose 50 pounds. If they think that they just don't bother with you. You just don't get the role and you never know why. That's still better than physically harming yourself and becoming unhealthy just to star in a movie." And for sure, America looks great with her curvy body. In the picture to our left, she looks great in a fitted purple satin dress with a belt cinched at the waist. I love how it compliments her body so well, and proves that you don't need to lose weight to look good. Our favorite "It" girl is more than a celebrity, she knows what every girl feels like, inside and out. Do you think her outfit is cheap or chic? It's time to start posting!

Full of Lush

I searched my area to find the coolest, and hippest clothing boutique in the town. Luckily, my senses brought me to a little shop called, "Lush Boutique." It is run by Kathleen and Tracey McHole who opened the shop in 2001. Already, he had got attention in the famous magazine, "InStyle", and also on the media of fashion network. They feature brands such as Ella Moss, Rock & Republic, Juicy Couture, and the new designer Lauren Conrad (from The Hills). Now have relocated now to Eton on Chagrin Boulevard, Clevelend, OH. And hope to offer as many varitey of clothing as possible. And yes, their clothing is right from the runways and streets of New York. Their motto is, "A trendy spin on the classics, and a classy spin on the trends." That is something we so look forward to be listening to. To find out more, go to

*On youtube, Fashion TV Network has a interview with one of the co-owners of Lush Boutique.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

How to...pull off knee high tights

You haven't heard? They are all the rage for Fall/Winter '08 fashion wear. Wear them with boots, flats, oxfords, and even sneakers if you can pull them off. But anyone with the right color and right shape will be perfect in these sensations.
Just like you would think, all the stars are wearing them. Check out Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City, and Blake Lively with friend Leighton Meester traveling on the Gossip Girl set. The link is to see them looking fabulous in the knee high tights.
Now just like everyone you know from putting on a scarf, beret, and top it's time for me to show you how it's done to look well put together. Now for the Top Five Tips.

Tip 1: Love the look with fun colorful dresses or skirts that match the tights. Also try bermudas too. No matter what, let them show!

Tip 2: Look great above the knee. What's great is that it makes your leg look slimmer, and outlines the great qualities of it.

Tips 3: Makes a slouchy, but casual outfit chic. P.S. a skinny top, and jeans makes it skimpy, not fashion forward material.

Tip 4: Try to get as many different styles as possible. These knee high stockings will be a classic (I promise).

Tip 5: When pulling this look off, not only are you trying something new, but you are expressing your own self! The next time you walk through the doors wearing these new tights, have confidence, and SMILE!

What is your "How to..." idea? Post it online!

Back to Basics with a Twist

Tired of the L.L. Beanbackpacks, and the cheesy Jansports, time to saddle up with the cool Japanese inspired Harajuku Lovers. It's the new "It" item this fall. These bags come in unique bright colors, and can hold all your papers, books, and accessories. We have to give a hand to Gwen Stefani. She has proved herself with this awesome brand full of fun, exciting clothes, handbags, and watches. Thanks G!

Dial H for Haute!

When you just that Ralph is done till next season, he pops out with another
label called, "Rugby." Talk about haute! With fun colors, and great new designs the polos are a must have! You can find the next "BIG" thing at a Rugby store. Right now the fall collection is in stores, and one of the must haves is a new crested polo. Also a cool college scarf. And not to forget an old favorite, a khaki ribbed wool beret. Check to see if there is a store near you on their website, and I will be watching closely!