Sunday, October 26, 2008

How to...own the riding boots look

These shoes are no longer just an essential for a horseback rider, it's now making a huge statement in the fashion industry.  Already, unlikely stars such as Kirsten Dunst, Lindsey Lohan, Jessica Alba, and Rachel Bilson had grown a like to the trend.  My favorite one's are RL (see picture).  The classic look is an essential for anyone's wardrobe, but is not always easy to make this look chic.  Here are top five tips to help you with the riding boots situation.  Overall, anyone can wear them, but the new sensations don't come cheap.

How to...

Tip 1:  Tucking them into some dark rinse jeans, leggings, or pairing them with a nice skirt is great!  Be sure to listen to your instincts, and pick the right color for your boots.  Be sure to let them show at all costs.

Tip 2:  Make an classic look pairing with a crisp white oxford shirt, over a nice blazer (Search "Constance Billard's Guide to Style").  It makes the entire look clean, but still give an outfit with a little edge if you add a urban scarf.

Tip 3:  Keep you coats above the knee, maybe even to your thighs.  It hiding the look, it'll make the outfit a mess.  You won't be able to them, and it'll make you look shorter.  A nice fur trimmed hooded parka is perfect!

Tip 4:  Long and lean.  Another little secret is that it makes you look taller.  It really shows off your legs, and provides a flirty look for anyone.

Tip 5:  Brands are not always true as they say they are.  Be careful you are making the right decision when picking your boots.  Overpriced is not always the way to go, but underpriced may be as well too cheap.  Just be warned that you have to be sure that these will last you forever.  I can say that the look may not be in style for a long period of time, but trends comes back into fashion eventually :-).