Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Teacher's Pet

You have all those books that you carry from class to class. Everyone once in a while you forget a textbook or your homework. And yet you still look like a perfect angel? I don't think so! You need at "It" bag. No not an average tote bag, but a bag. The bag all your friends envy, the bag that holds everything you need, the bag that will make you at the top of your class. My favorite bag is the Mulberry Maggie. Not only does it carry a heavy load, but makes your life so easier. Instead of stopping at your locker, carry all your books around at the same time. In this fancy handicap, their is one main large compartment which is pretty much all you need. Not only that, but comes in such memorable colors. "A big, good-looking, practical bag is the holy grail," quotes fashion designer Melissa Coker (see in Lucky August '08). "The color makes this one special." If you have some extra cash, stock up on this great accesible tote. I recommend this to anyone who needs something to carry all your things. If you don't have the money check out Target, or Steve & Barry's (all clothes and accessories are under $10.00)! Get your "It" bag now!