Saturday, August 30, 2008

How to...pull off knee high tights

You haven't heard? They are all the rage for Fall/Winter '08 fashion wear. Wear them with boots, flats, oxfords, and even sneakers if you can pull them off. But anyone with the right color and right shape will be perfect in these sensations.
Just like you would think, all the stars are wearing them. Check out Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City, and Blake Lively with friend Leighton Meester traveling on the Gossip Girl set. The link is to see them looking fabulous in the knee high tights.
Now just like everyone you know from putting on a scarf, beret, and top it's time for me to show you how it's done to look well put together. Now for the Top Five Tips.

Tip 1: Love the look with fun colorful dresses or skirts that match the tights. Also try bermudas too. No matter what, let them show!

Tip 2: Look great above the knee. What's great is that it makes your leg look slimmer, and outlines the great qualities of it.

Tips 3: Makes a slouchy, but casual outfit chic. P.S. a skinny top, and jeans makes it skimpy, not fashion forward material.

Tip 4: Try to get as many different styles as possible. These knee high stockings will be a classic (I promise).

Tip 5: When pulling this look off, not only are you trying something new, but you are expressing your own self! The next time you walk through the doors wearing these new tights, have confidence, and SMILE!

What is your "How to..." idea? Post it online!


Anonymous said...

This is prob not the right place to leave a comment but oh well....this is really cool!Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I am so so so glad that this is becoming a trend this year. I wore these all the time last year and even though i love being the center of attention as much as the next girl i was starting to get tired of being stared at whenever i walked into a room.
XoXo HaylBayl

Anonymous said...

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